Nursing Pads


1. You’re Wonderwoman! Breast milk is the best milk, but breastfeeding’s not always easy!

2. Your Nipples are Sore! They need to breathe and only be touched by the softest fabrics.

3. You deserve to look & feel good! Why choose pads that show through your shirt or leak?

bamboobies nursing pads

Breastfeeding is beautiful, but it’s not always easy! We know that you are doing the most important job in the world and if we can help make that easier for you, then we are doing our job!

Breastfeeding Pads

* Colored milk-proof™ fabric on outside of pads stops leaks!
* Ultra-soft bamboo rayon velour soothes & wicks away moisture
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Regular Bamboobies are heart-shaped and ultra-thin with a milk-proof™ backing. They are less visible under clothing and are ideal for when your milk flow is regulated and you’re lightly leaking. These nursing pads give nursing moms the confidence to ‘go out and about’ without worrying about embarrassing leaks and lines. Our cute little pink hearts give serious protection! ♥

Nursing Pads

Overnight Bamboobies nursing pads are larger, super absorbent and also made with the same unique “milk-proof™” backing. They are ideal for the early days of newborn nursing and for heavy leakers. They are bigger than other washable pads so they have more wicking power & coverage giving new mamas the chance to sleep while her baby sleeps.

See for yourself how Bamboobies don’t leak through compared to other nursing pads!

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PS. You’re doing a great job, Super Mom!!!  Remember to take care of yourself  - You Deserve It!!!