Mothers Helping Mothers: Introducing Bellease Belly and Baby Butter

Bellease Belly & Baby Butter creates opportunities for impoverished Ugandan women

Bamboobies has partnered with the non-profit Bead for Life to create its new bell♥ease Belly & Baby Butter.  Bell♥ease  Belly & Baby Butter is a rich and creamy balm made from 100% certified organic Ugandan shea nut oil designed to meet the skin-care needs of pregnant moms and babies throughout the childbearing years.

Pregnany maternity stretch mark cream

bell-ease Organic Belly & Baby Butter


From the hand of mothers in Africa to the bellies of mothers like you, bell♥ease brings benefits to women everywhere.   “Our goal with bell♥ease Belly & Baby Butter was to create a product that helps out the pregnant and nursing mothers in our lives, and gives back to women halfway around the world,” says Bamboobies Founder Kerry Gilmartin.


Bellease  helps moms like you
Pregnant and new moms know all about the many skin issues that arise pre- and post-pregnancy.  Bell♥ease is rich in antioxidants and vitamins A, E and F, soothes tight, itchy pregnant bellies, and can help reduce the visibility of stretch marks by maintaining skin’s elasticity.  With the smooth, creamy feel of this lovely butter, and the optional lavender-lemongrass scent, bell♥ease may well become a permanent part of your self-care routine. Ugandan shea butter is much creamier than the variety most widely used in skin care products, which comes from West Africa which is typically hard like soap and must be combined with other oils to create a smooth product. The unique ‘Nilotica’ variety of Shea trees found in Uganda produce a different and much creamier butter when ground – perfect for melting on contact with skin!


stretch mark cream

Bellies and Babies alike love 100% organic Shea Butter!


Bellease  helps babies like yours
Delicate baby skin goes through so many changes in the first weeks as baby makes the transition from the watery environment of the womb the dryness of the outside world.  Bell♥ease  can help soothe and heal peeling skin, cradle cap, diaper rash and other newborn rashes.  Bell♥ease  is a great option for dry skin for babies and kids of all ages too.


Bellease  helps women and children in Uganda

bell-ease infographic

The shea nuts in bell♥ease are gathered for Bead for Life by over 1000 women in war-torn northern Uganda.  Shea nuts are known in the region as “Women’s Gold” because they are a resource traditionally gathered and sold by women. Bead for Life buys the nuts during the harvest season, providing women with critically important income for children’s school fees, medicine and livestock.  Bell♥ease soothes mothers and babies here in the US and Canada and helps mothers and their families halfway aroudn the world too!


About Bead for Life
Bead for Life’s mission is to create sustainable opportunities for women to lift their families out of extreme poverty by connecting people worldwide in a circle of exchange that enriches everyone.  Bead for Life advances this mission through two main programs: Beading and Shea.  The Beading Program empowers Ugandan women by training them to make and sell beautiful rolled paper beads, while at the same time providing the women who make beads with business and entrepreneurial training.  The Shea Program purchases shea nuts from women in northern Uganda who were displaced by violence in their country.  Income from the sale of shea nuts helps these women to rebuild their lives and build bright futures for their families.

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