Boba-Air Give-Away


What is Attachment Parenting? At its most basic, Attachment Parenting is an approach that encourages a strong connection between parents and children through the use of non-violent, empathetic communication. Baby-wearing, breastfeeding and gentle bonding are all part of this broad theory…  Bamboobies believes every parent knows what is best for their family and babies and […]

Cloth Diapers Give-away


Why Cloth Diapers? Are you thinking about cloth diapering your baby?  Cloth Diapers have clear advantages over disposables when it comes to money, solid waste, and chemical exposure. Save Money estimates the cost of disposable diapers at $72 per month and the cost of disposable wipes at $20 per month.  That comes out to […]

Nursing Bra giveaway

Cake Lingerie Give-Away


Cake Lingerie Sorbet nursing bra and panty set Review and Giveaway: 3/18-25.  Prize valued at over US$110 – and the contest is open internationally! We all know Cake Lingerie as the manufacturer of the really gorgeous nursing bras. The ones with details and pretty lace…  The ones we *should* buy for ourselves but often don’t…. […]



Growing.  Most people who are hanging around a website about nursing pads know a thing or two about growing.  We might know about our bellies growing to hold a new life.  We might know about our breasts growing to feed that new life.  We for sure know about our hearts growing to make room for […]

Can our hearts grow?


  In the spirit of sharing some thoughts on love, hearts, families and motherhood I thought I’d share three stories on my mind these days I hope they strike a chord and enhance your day and your thoughts about relationships and growth… Valentine’s is full of silly love quotes, cards and flowers – hopefully yours […]

Letter from Kerry


Breastfeeding is a beautiful and natural thing, but let’s face it: It’s not always easy. It can be difficult and downright painful at times. As a mother of three, I’ve been there. I founded SOFT Style Inc. to help make breastfeeding a more comfortable, enjoyable experience for other new mothers. When I discovered the amazing […]