New Year New Gear Giveaway! Preggers

Breastfeeding, Washable Nursing Pads

NewYearNewGear Preggers

Today’s giveaway theme is ‘Preggers’ celebrating the excitement of motherhood with great products for expecting moms.  We’ll be giving away prizes to 4 winners – totaling $168 in value!  Enter and share to win today!

Motherlove Herbal Company Nurturing Life Giftbox: Motherlove’s complete selection celebrating new motherhood! From pregnancy and labor, to breastfeeding and babies, these products nurture mother and baby with certified organic herbs and pure ingredients. These products do not contain any synthetic ingredients, fragrances or parabens commonly found in body care products. The perfect gift for the mother who is looking for only the highest quality, pure, natural products for herself and child. Value $60

Milkmakers Cookies: Bumpboosters – “nourishing, whole foods cookie snack for moms to be” . Value $ 40
Bellybuds Baby-bump Sound System: A baby’s hearing is fully developed in the womb at 20 weeks and memories begin at 30 weeks – Bellybuds is a baby-bump sound system that offers parents-to-be a means to deliver audio stimulation to their developing child to start creating those memories now. The custom speakers gently adhere to the belly and safely play music, soothing sounds or even loving voice messages directly to the womb. Value $5o
Birds and Bees Teas Ripe & Ready Bulk Bag: This blend is made for the last few weeks of pregnancy and the very first days after giving birth. Made with herbs that are traditionally used to support the hard work of the uterus in labor. This blend doesn’t cause contractions, rather it’s warming and tonifying to the womb and deliciously spiced too! Drink warm to hot from 38 weeks until giving birth then sip the tea iced during recovery. Value $18
Coupon Code: BAMBOO14

20% off, good toward any products on Birds and Bees Teas site Limit one per customer. Can not be combined with any other sale item. EXPIRES 1/19/14








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  1. Alexia 2014/01/19 at 7:18 pm #

    In case anyone needs it, here is the instagram link and here is the google + link

  2. ashlie elari 2014/01/20 at 9:11 am #

    Would love to win this! Thanks for the chance

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