New Year New Gear Giveaway! Pumping Essentials

Breastfeeding, Washable Nursing Pads

NewYearNewGear Pumping Essentials

Today’s giveaway theme is ‘Pumping Essentials’ with tons of awesome items for pumping moms. We’ll be giving away prizes to 7 winners – totaling $672 in value!  Enter and share to win today!

Bamboobies Nipple Balm: New mothers often suffer from sore and cracked nipples in the first few weeks.  Protect yourself and your newborn with a non-toxic, organic nipple balm. Made of 100% organic oils and healing herbs – All ingredients are safe for ingestion by your breastfeeding baby. Value $13

Coupon Code: NYNG30

30% off, good toward any products on our site . Limit one per customer. Can not be combined with any other sale item. EXPIRES 1/19/14

Simple Wishes Signature Hands Free Pumping Bra: This innovative bra gives moms the valuable gift of time by freeing up their hands for other tasks or allowing them to simply relax while using their breastpump. The patented design is adjustable in size, using high quality Velcro, to sustain a perfect fit over time as a nursing mother’s size changes. Straps and 2” Zip In Center Panel included to help achieve the perfect fit! Value $34

Pumping Essentials: ( has generously donated  a Medela breast pump and backpack. Only Medela uses a research-based, 2-Phase Expression(R) technology that simulates babies’ actual nursing pattern. This sporty, compact backpack holds Medela’s hospital-grade, double breast pump, plus everything you’ll need for quick, comfortable pumping. Includes AC adapter, or use with 8 “AA” batteries (sold separately). Value $250

Joovy Boob PPSU Gift Set: The most innovative baby bottle on the market. The Joovy Boob Baby Bottle Gift Set includes everything you’ll need. Perfect for bottle fed or babies who transition from bottle to breast and breast to bottle. State-of-the-art design from the nipple, CleanFlow Vent, ergonomic PPSU bottle. Includes 5 and 9 ounce bottles, breast pump adapter, sealing caps and bottle brushes. Easy to use, clean and reassemble. Value $130

Pumpin’ Pal Necessity Kit: All the accessories a mom needs to pump comfortably with their pump. Angled Supershields in all 3 sizes, a mesh parts bag, a handsfree pumpng necklace and a Guide to Pumping. Value $43

Juno Blu Esalen Tote: Tote for a Breast Pump in Multi Snake. The Esalen Tote’s sleek design is ideal for going to work, the park or on a play-date. Value $185

Milk It Kit: Back to Work Survival Kit for Breastfeeding Moms. Included in the Kit: 2-sided Door Hanger, 2 Folded Desk Signs, 1 Pump Bag Tag, 32 Milk Labels, 3 Milk It Stickers. Value $17

Coupon Code: bamboobies

20% off, good toward any products on Milk It Kit’s site Limit one per customer. Can not be combined with any other sale item. EXPIRES 1/19/14











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204 Responses to “New Year New Gear Giveaway! Pumping Essentials”

  1. Lindsay 2014/01/15 at 9:38 am #

    If you need to build a supply, pump first thing in the morning before your LO wakes up. Start introducing a bottle early on, and your baby won’t be as resistant when you are headed back to work.

  2. Jessica Clarke 2014/01/15 at 9:47 am #

    Its not always easy but stick it out, its well worth it!

  3. Okaasan 2014/01/15 at 9:59 am #

    I would tell women that it may hurt at first, even if you’re doing everything right, but to stick with it, because once the pain passes, it’s the best thing you can do for your baby. :)

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