Mother’s Day Gifts that Give Back – and a Giveaway!

Mothering is work that takes a lot of nurturing, a lot of care.  Mother’s Day is a moment when we can pause and focus for a moment on turning that nurturing and care back toward the moms in our lives, and spend a day celebrating the women who care for us.

We are super excited to offer a giveaway in honor of Mother’s Day this year!  Not only do we have the chance to shower some awesome moms with some lovely gifts, but with the items in this giveaway, we get to spread some nurturing to the wider world. That is because each gift in this giveaway gives something back to a community somewhere in the world.  So not only do they make great gifts for the moms in your life, but you can feel great knowing that they make things better for others around the world.

Looking for something sweet for yourself that you can drop a hint to a gift-giver about? Check these items out – and others on these sites that feature gifts that give back!

For our part, we are delighted to offer a portion of all sales from during the next week to WIC of Boulder County, an agency that helps ensure that Boulder County moms and children in need have access to good nutrition. Purchase a Bamboobies set of pads, a pretty shawl or anything at all  today through Mother’s Day and be a part of something larger: Mothers Helping Mothers!

Read on to learn about the great organizations that are partnering with us to make this giveaway possible, then keep going for your chance to win!  There will be one winner for each gorgeous prize pictured below!


Bead for Life BeadforLife works to eradicate extreme poverty by creating bridges of understanding between impoverished Africans and concerned world citizens. Ugandan women turn colorful recycled paper into beautiful beads. These beads are strung into necklaces, bracelets, earrings or left loose to be used for crafts. The paper beaded jewelry become income, food, medicine, school fees, and hope for the women in Uganda. In the U.S. and Europe they become an opportunity to give back and educate others about extreme poverty.


Madaala Necklace

Our programs creates ripples of change, extending beyond the beads. Each woman who joins BeadforLife has the potential to become a business owner, ultimately uplifting her family, extended family, friends and her village. We measure the success of our programs worldwide by the impact they make in the lives of everyday citizens. We measure such outcomes as Bead Parties held, students reached, and increased wholesale markets. Last year, over 67,000 students were introduced to our curriculum and there were over 2,000 Bead Parties held. Last year, we directly served over 1400 women living in urban and rural communities throughout Eastern and Central Uganda. If you’re not a winner, please consider hosting a fun bead party for friends and to raise money for this wonderful cause!



Live Worldly The Live Worldly mission is to enable our customers (you!) to experience culture through fashion that gives back.  Live Worldly was founded on the principle that fashion goes beyond the aesthetic. It’s a way to embrace cultures unfamiliar to us and to postively impact the lives of others, while enhancing our own. The products you’ll find in our global fashion marketplace come from around the world and all hold special meaning – for the wearer and the product’s country of origin.

live worldly purse

Argentine Black Stud Purse

The Black Stud Purse is made of handmade organic leather and designed specifically for the trendsetter. The purse is eco-friendly as the metal used as the chain and studs is composed from recycled metals. The tanneries also have strict environmental policies, which includes water-based dying. It’s perfect for a night on the town with a leather, fringe tassel-cinched closure around the top. It has one main compartment and one inside zip pocket. The single gold chain shoulder strap has a 22″ drop. Measures 7″ x 6″ x 5″. A portion of proceeds goes to the Nature Conservancy to protect Argentina’s grasslands. We will inform you if this bag is back ordered. The purse is shown in Peope Style Watch in December 2012!  At $110 this purse is going to make one lucky Mama Winner!


Madagascar Large Striped Sun Hat

Made of natural raffia, the fibers for this hat are grown throughout rural villages in Madagascar and then brought to the city where they are shaped. Peddling a rickshaw from village to village, a man collects the conditioned plant fibers and delivers them to central cities where the Madagascar hat is produced. The entire process creates over a thousand jobs in several different communities.



Given Goods Every single product on Given Goods gives back! They are a community-based marketplace and company that is passionate about everything buy-to-give. They built their store full of high quality and sought-after products from ambitious brands benefitting causes all around the world. On top of that, they wanted to make all of the exciting good-impact information available in order to show the community the amazing impact of our collective buy-to-give purchasing.

given goods
Baggu Bag, Raven and Lily soap set and travel jounal

Raven & Lily hand milled soaps (set of 4 in flavors like Chai!) are made with rich spices and locally grown herbs using natural and organic ingredients. Their cute blue and silver journal would make a great mothering journal! The giveaway set comes complete with a Given Goods Baggu bag.


Raven & Lily Soap Set

Handcrafted in the Himalayan Mountains of Northern India by artisans of a minority group facing severe poverty and discrimination. By making soap, they are able to earn an income, dig wells, and provide health care and education for their families. Raven + Lily also funds literacy programs for women and children in this community.








Bamboobies For the next 10 days, Bamboobies will donate 10% of sales of all products to the Boulder County WIC. Come check out our new Brahhh – a bamboo lounge bra – and pretty spring colors of the Chic Nursing Shawl. Put something on your wishlist or treat yourself today! You will also get a Bamboobies Brahhh- you choose color and size.


breastfeeding nursing bra

Brahhh – a bamboo and organic cotton lounge bra


The women that sew our products are paid a fair wage, we do our best in terms of environmental impact and we make great products for women all over the world – especially pregnant and nursing mothers.   Happy Mother’s Day from the women of Bamboobies – Enjoy it!












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    I love how you are doing this giveaway <3 Thank you for the opportunity to win :-)

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    The women that sew our products are paid a fair wage, we do our best in terms of environmental impact and we make great products for women all over the world – especially pregnant and nursing mothers. Happy Mother’s Day from the women of Bamboobies – Enjoy it!

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