Washable Nursing Pad review from My Little Me


Olivia is doing so well with breastfeeding. She was a natural from the moment she was born and I’m so thankful for that. Having a newborn is already stressful in the first few months and if breastfeeding isn’t going well, that stress is so much worse. I’ve been there.

My first child, I had no clue what I was doing. Things seemed to be going well until the hospital gave him a bottle. Then he was confused. He got nipple confusion and we had a hard time trying to get him to latch on correctly. I was young and didn’t know as much as I do now, so we gave up after a few weeks.

But I do remember in those first few weeks meeting my sons grandpa for the first time and meeting him with a shirt that had little boobie milk circles on it. I hadn’t realized I was leaking and it was quite embarrassing.

I’m older and wiser now and expect there to be leakage in the beginning. Especially during the first initial engorgement after the milk comes in. My milk came in quickly with this baby; on day two. Normally my milk doesnt come in for 3-4 days, but Olivia knew what she was doing and really wanted milk.

I was sent a pair of Bamboobies to test out and let you all know how they work during the engorgement phase of beginning breastfeeding.


What I Love

I love the overnight Bamboobies for the beginning days when the milk is just coming in. They held up really well with absorbing for the day.  I only wish I had bought a few pairs of the overnights for that period so I would have a pair to use while washing the others.



Both styles of the Bamboobies are nice and soft and if your’e wearing the regular heart pair, you can’t even tell you have them on.

The overnights are a bit thicker and you can see the shape through a standard t-shirt. Not a problem for me since I really didn’t go anywhere and now use them only at night.


I love that I am saving money and not throwing away pads every day.

A few pairs of each size will get me through our breastfeeding relationship and I don’t have to keep buying nursing pads all the time.


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