The Ahhhhhh in the Brahhh- Celebrate Mothers and Our Changes with a Give-Away.

Let’s face it.  During most times in a woman’s life, taking off her bra at the end of the day is something to look forward to.  It just plain old feels good to take it off and relax.

Then comes pregnancy and all the incredible changes a woman’s body makes to carry, birth, and feed a new baby.  Our culture does a pretty good job preparing women that their bellies will grow when they are pregnant – that’s a pretty hard fact to hide, after all.  We don’t always do as well preparing women for the changes in their breasts.  Here are some facts:

  • Most pregnant women will see their breasts grow a cup size or more during pregnancy
  • Most women will see a short-term growth of at least an additional cup size in the first weeks after birth
  • Women may begin leaking colostrum, baby’s first food, during pregnancy
  • Some women leak enough colostrum to feel like they need nursing pads even before giving birth
  • By around 6 weeks after giving birth, most women’s breasts will settle into their “nursing size”
  • Pregnant and nursing breasts can feel heavy and tender

For many women, when these changes happen, the relief that they once felt at taking off their bras is replaced by a feeling of discomfort.  It still feels great to shed really structured support, but no support at all just may not work for some women; they may need light support for comfort even when they sleep.  For other women, they may not feel a huge need for support, but they need something to hold their nursing pads in place.  And many women can’t fathom buying fitted bras for all of the many sizes and shapes their breasts will assume during the childbearing year.

This is where the Brahhh! comes in!  Go ahead, read it out loud.  Hear the “Ahhhh!” of relief?  The Brahhh! is a super-soft, super-comfy bra that works great any time during pregnancy, breastfeeding, or the rest of a woman’s life when she craves light support without the binding or constriction of more structured bras.  Because the Brahhh! has a flexible fit, there is no need to change bra sizes as breasts grow and shrink.  The Brahhh! is one garment that can work day or night, during pregnancy, breastfeeding and beyond.


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Let’s Celebrate Mothers and our changes with a Bamboobies Brahhh and Shawl give-away! Go ahead, enter below!


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  1. Christi Daigle 2013/04/17 at 5:06 pm #

    I would be so excited to win this, I’m in some dire need of “ahhhs” now at 29 weeks.

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