Celebrating Earth Day with Bamboobies: Review and Giveaway {Ends 5/10}

What’s shaped like a heart and fabulous enough that I keep it close to my heart all day, every day?

Yup! You got it! These days, I’m never found without my BAMBOOBIES! 

Do you know about Bamboobies? They are, without a doubt, the bestwashable nursing pads on the market. Besides being a single-use product that ends up in the garbage, disposable pads are filled with a nasty gel (like disposable diapers) that bursts out when it gets too full. One night, I found it on my skin and my son nearly ingested it. From that day forward, I have only used washable fabric pads. I have tried so many, and mark my words: I will never use another brand. My heart belongs to Bamboobies!

I keep mine in a basket on my dresser so I can just grab and go! The round pads are the overnights…my favorites!

“Made of ultra-soft and soothing organic cotton and bamboo rayon velour with an inner layer of hemp and organic cotton, these pads are ultra-absorbent and ultra-eco.” ~Bamboobies.com

Ultra-eco is right. Not only are Bamboobies made in the USA, but they’re also made of environmentally sustainable bamboo, which is super soft, and wicks moisture away from your skin. You almost can’t even tell when the pads are wet, which keeps you feeling cleaner longer (especially in those newborn days, where we are now!) And they’re thin enough to lay invisibly under your shirt, while absorbing a lot. And they don’t even cause me any extra laundry because I throw them in with my diapers!

Breastfeeding itself is a thoroughly eco-friendly practice that requires few products, but I don’t think there’s a nursing mom out there who couldn’t benefit from a stash of Bamboobies. And that’s why I’m so excited to feature them as an Earth Day sponsor!

Wait! There’s more! Now that you know about the wonders of Bamboobies nursing pads, please meet BoobEase Soothing Therapy Pillows…

Made out of the same soft fabric as Bamboobies, BoobEase pillows are filled with flaxseeds to help relieve sore nipples or clogged ducts, some of the common discomforts of breastfeeding. You can cool them in the freezer, but I prefer to heat mine in the microwave. These have been especially helpful during Elliette’s growth spurts when she just never stops. They help with pain, sure, but they also provide a nice way to simply relax. The warm weight of them just feels good, whether you’re sore or not, so they’re a great way to pamper yourself. And I don’t think there’s a mama anywhere who couldn’t use that!

But it doesn’t stop there! We breastfeeding mamas have nipples, and those nipples often need a bit of special care during the nursing days. No, that doesn’t mean roughing them up with a beat online blackjack loofah, as many will tell you. What it does mean is that you can treat or even prevent sore, cracked nipples with BoobEase™ 100% certified organic and totally natural Nipple Balm. Just as you don’t want your baby ingesting weird chemicals from disposable pads, you also don’t want to put something on your nipples that you have to wash off before nursing again. BoobEase organic nipple balm is entirely ingestible and safe for baby, so you can rest easy (if you’re getting any rest these days, that is…) Try it on cradle cap, or your own rough elbows, chapped lips or dry patches, too!

Ingredients: (extra virgin olive oil*, beeswax, shea butter, marshmallow root*, calendula flower*) *Certified Organic Ingredients (contains NO lanolin)

Oh, you KNOW I’m not done yet! Most moms who choose to use a cover while breastfeeding in public do so because they prefer to be a little more discreet, but have you seen some of the ultra-bright, swirly-designed, in-your-face nursing covers out there? Anything but discreet, right? That’s why the Bamboobies Chic Nursing Shawl is such a great find. To me, it qualifies as an Earth-friendly product because when breastfeeding is more comfortable, more moms do it. Simple as that!

“Hand sewn in Colorado of bamboo and organic cotton fabric, the super-soft lightweight jersey shawl stretches and changes to fit and flatter your changing body.” ~Bamboobies.com

It’s all true. This is one comfortable shawl, and even if you disagree with the need to be discreet (This should be entirely the mama’s choice, in my opinion) you may find that baby nurses better when she’s not distracted by all the goings-on around her. So, no matter why you choose a nursing cover, this is the cover to have. It looks like a regular piece of stylish clothing and doesn’t shout, “Hey look! I’m nursing but I don’t want you to see!” The one-size Bamboobies Chic Nursing Shawl comes in Blackberry, Black and Fern, and you just may want to wear it after your breastfeeding days are over!

Look for my own personal photo, coming after today’s playdate!


All of the products above, including nursing pads and nipple cream, can be found at BuyBamboobies.com. When you make a purchase, you’re not only buying an eco-friendly product – you’re also supporting a small business started for moms by a mom, and that’s something to feel good about.


Thanks to Bamboobies, one lucky ABCGP reader will win ALL of the items above! One multi-pack of Bamboobies nursing pads, one pair of BoobEase Soothing Therapy Pillows, one BoobEase 100% organic Nipple Balm and one Chic Nursing Shawl! That’s a prize package valued at over $100 (although I’d like to think the eco-impact is priceless.)

Click here to enter! 


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  1. Tana 2013/04/16 at 6:37 pm #

    I have the bamboobies pads and I love them! They saved me so much!!! I would LOVE to try to nipple cream

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